• Power tool Power tool

    Drills and screwdrivers, Impact wrenches, electric, Tool sets, Batteries and Chargers, Vacuum cleaners for wet and dry cleaning, Hairdryers mounting, Wrenches, electric, Cutting tool, Welding and brazing, The equipment for water drain (drainage), Grinding and polishing machines, electric, Car equipment, High pressure cleaning apparatus, Avtokompressory and pumps, Electric saw.

  • Tools and equipment for service stations and petrol stations Tools and equipment

    Tools for ignition systems, Lamps carry, Tools for exhaust system, Tools and equipment for fuel and oil pumping, Tools for the servicing of automotive glass, Tools and equipment for car washes, Diagnostic tools and testers, Equipment for oil change, Tools for service suspension and steering, Service tools for air conditioners, Tools for the servicing of the fuel system, Hoists and Stands, Heat guns and heaters, Portable lighting of premises, Specialized tools and strippers, Sharpening (grindstone), Air compressors, Tools for working with pipes, Sets of hand tools, Tire service, Tools for car repair, Repair Tools Transmission, Tools for the servicing of brakes, Literature, Tools for the cooling system, Diagnostic software car, Lifts and jacks, Tools to adjust the valve timing.

  • Overalls and protective equipment Overalls

    Road signs, Protective glasses, Protective helmets, Analyzers, gas detectors, Rain forms, Uniforms for welding, Harnesses and fall protection equipment, Protection from audio (headphones), Signal vests, Knee Braces, Masks and respirators, Worksheets, Work gloves, Footwear.

  • Manual tool Manual tool

    The discs, saws and supplies Instrument, And sealant gun Glue, Tap wrenches and extensions, Extractors, Staple guns, Head and head sets, Taps and dies, Keys and key sets, Files and Needle, Mount and crowbar, Measuring tools, Tools for rivets, Trumpet keys and wrenches, Scissors, Cutting tools, Hammers and hammers, Tools Hex & Torx, Sweep, Pliers and wire cutters, Multitools, Screwdrivers, Tools for marking and designation, Special knives, Tweezers, Punches, chisels, Ratchet, Tools for cable and wiring, Sandpaper, Vises and clamps, Pistols lubricants (manual, pneumatic), Brushes and rollers, Impact Sockets.

  • Pneumatic tool Pneumatic tool

    Sandblasters, Other pneumatic tools, Pneumatic impact wrenches, Pneumatic drills, Repair kits for pneumatic tools, Pneumatic guns for staples, Pneumatic, Guns and accessories for painting, Accessories and fittings for pneumatic tools, Sanding machines, pneumatic, Pneumatic pipes and hoses, Jackhammers, Pneumatic, Sets of pneumatic tools, Pneumatic riveting, Pneumatic impact wrenches.

  • Street tools Street tools

    Pumps and water pumps, Scissors and secateurs, Spades and shovels, Lawnmowers and brushcutters, Loppers and saws, Gardening Tools, Chainsaws, Blowers, Gas burners, Wheelbarrows and carts, Ladders and stepladders, Rake, Filters and pneumatic benzo.

  • Hydraulic tool Hydraulic tool

    Hydraulic presses, Hydraulic motors, Sets of hydraulic tools, Hydraulic hoses, Components of the hydraulic system, Hydraulic valve, Hydraulic pumps, Hydraulic cylinders.

  • Furniture and organisers for service stations Furniture for service station

    Tool trolley, Safes, Safety cabinets, Shelves, Workbenches, Shelves and storage accessories, Portable tool boxes, Carts podkatnye repair, Digitizers tool, Tool boxes and cabinets, Safes for weapons.

  • Boers, bits, chisels, drills Boers, bits, chisels, drills

    Drill, Mills, Bits, Cutters, Combined drill, Step drill, Drills.

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Pino - logical board game which is based on tactics and strategy. In general this is a remix of chess, checkers and corners. The game develops imagination, concentration, teaches how to solve tasks, plan their own actions and of course to think logically. It does not matter how much pieces you have, the main thing is how they are placement!

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